Mental health is very important for surviving in this world, but by increasing workload stress this problem is also increasing, and due to that people are suffering from many health issues. This whole world is suffering from mental health-related problems and these problems are generally caused due to the release of certain chemicals in the brain.

ARIPIPRAZOLE TABLET | ERIZOLE-5 Tablets are very effective for solving this kind of metal issue. This tablet comes under the category of antipsychotic drug and this drug helps in balancing certain brain chemicals like neurotransmitters which help in restoring mood swings and mental/mood disorders (such as bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, Tourette’s syndrome, and irritability associated with autistic disorder).


These tablets can be administrated in an oral form which means you can take this drug through your mouth only. The moment you take this medicine it first gets dissolved in your stomach and then gets absorbed on the surface of your stomach’s surface and from there it enters in your bloodstream and goes to the affected part of the body.

There this tablet maintains block the excess release of neurotransmitters and maintained balance which helps in rectifying your mood swing or mental condition. This medication can be very useful for the mental issue but remember you must take it under the prescription of a doctor only.


This medication has many benefits and this is a very helpful medication that is used to treat many health issues. This medication can show its proper results if you used it as per the doctor’s instruction. These are some of the benefits which you can have during this medication.

  1. This medication reduces hallucinations.
  2. This medication helps in increasing concentration.
  3. You feel less nervous due to this medication.
  4. It helps in maintaining the mood swing.
  5. This medication is help in treating disorders like bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, Tourette’s syndrome, and irritability associated with autistic disorder.
  6. This medicine has an easy way to administrate this drug.

Side effects of ARIPIPRAZOLE TABLET | ERIZOLE-5 Tablets

Chemically formulated medicine can cause you some costs if you will not care full while having this medication and this medication must only be started under a doctor’s prescription. These are some side effects that you face during the medication of ARIPIPRAZOLE TABLET | ERIZOLE-5 Tablets.

  1. You may feel Dizziness.
  2. You can have lightheadedness.
  3. You may feel drowsiness.
  4. You can suffer from nausea and vomiting.
  5. You may suffer from blurred vision.
  6. You may gain weight.
  7. You can suffer from constipation, headache, and trouble in sleeping.


This is a very useful tablet for an issue related to mental health and this medication shows its full results if you used it as per the prescription of the doctor. These are some instruction by following them you can have the full effectiveness of this medicine because every medication have some process to follow and if you follow the process you can enjoy the whole goodness of that medication. These are some instructions by following them you can enjoy whole goodness.

  1. Your dose must be as per the age and as per the condition you are suffering from.
  2. Keep this drug in a dry and dark place.
  3. If you have any other medication before starting this one consult your doctor first.
  4. If you are pregnant or planning to get pregnant in that case inform your doctor first.
  5. Do not crush and chew these tablets take it whole.
  6. Take this medicine orally with or without food once a day otherwise, there will increase in drug concentration in your body which may cause some side effects.


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