Neuropsychiatric Product Range

Mental Health is a subject is has been neglected from a very long time in India. Being the country with the rising mental discords Neuropsychiatric segment is something which is blooming. Eridanus Healthcare is doing its best to meet the needs and demands of patients. Through our ever emerging and constantly improving Neuropsychiatric Product Range we are now recognized as one of the top Pharmaceutical Company for Neuropsychiatry Medicine Range.

The products of Eridanus Healthcare are well-established molecules which are manufactured in the WHO, GMP and ISO certified manufacturing facilities. All the products of Eridanus Healthcare thoroughly tested and the stent for the packaging. We do not tolerate any kind of compromise with the quality of our formulation. Our Neuropsychiatric Product Range keeps on enhancing, as our research and development department find a new breakthrough in the neuro sciences. The department of quality control at Eridanus Healthcare keeps a strict on the quality right from the very first stage until the products are out for delivery.

Key Features of our Neuropsychiatric Product Range

Here are the few things which make our products best in the market and trustworthy among the healthcare professionals:

  • Quick response
  • Precise composition
  • Longer shelf life
  • Zero side effects
  • High purity
  • High effectiveness

Manufacturing Facilities for Neuropsychiatric Medicine Range

Eridanus Healthcare has state-of-art manufacturing facilities which make the company best in what it does. The manufacturing unit contains advance machinery which is handled, professional expert. All the testing of the products takes place in well equipped Lab from the concern authorities. Our team of highly skilled and trained experts enables us to provide patients with such superior quality pharmaceutical products. Manufacturing unit follows and functions according to norms of GMP and WHO.

Firm Quality Matching International Standards

The products of Eridanus Healthcare are known for its Quality and it is something which cannot be overlooked. We have the Department of Quality Control, This department looks after the quality of each and every product. Right from getting the raw material or ingredients of best quality to the packaging and storage the quality department keeps its radar on. Apart from this, the packaging of the products are also done keeping in mind about the long shelf life of the products. We use the best packaging material o sustain the effectiveness and quality of medicine.

Neuropsychiatric Medicine Range at Eridanus Healthcare

At Eridanus Healthcare, we have the wide segments of medicine which covers the several health issues of Painets. With our products we want to ease he suffering of mandkind ehather is physical or mental. We are considred the best mnaufactuer, supplier and marketers of Neuropsychiatric Meidicine in India for a resion. Here given below are he list of products available at Eridanus Healthcare:

  • Anti Depressants Medicine Range
  • Anti Epileptic & Mood Stablizers
  • Anti Psychotics Medicine Range
  • Anti-Addiction
  • Antispasmodic Range
  • Anxiolytics Products
  • CNS Products
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