What Are The Requirements for Taking a Pharma Franchise

What Are The Requirements for Taking a Pharma Franchise – Are you thinking of starting a pharma franchise business in India? Want to know the prerequisites of taking a pharmaceuticals franchise in your location? The pharma industry is growing enormously over the years. It is gaining a lot of popularity in terms revenue and values. If you are pharma person who has experienced in this field, you can actually give a start to your own business. In this post, we have shared our insights on “What are the requirements for taking a pharma franchise in India”.

What Are The Requirements for Taking a Pharma Franchise

An Overview of The Indian Pharma Industry

The Indian pharmaceuticals industry is third largest in terms of volume and fourteenth largest in terms of value. The government of India has planned to keep this industry in priority sector list of the nation. Our country boasts billions of medicinal requirements every day. We are one of the largest exporters of pharma drugs in the world.

India is amongst the largest manufactures of generic drugs in the world. The government plans to clearly shift the focus on the better outcome of the industry through various schemes, plans and policies to attain Pharma Vision 2020, a target of USD 55 billion by end of 2020.

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Perks Of Being a Franchise Owner in India

The industry is growing tremendously. Franchising in the pharmaceuticals industry is one of the best business startup ideas. One can choose to be a part PCD aka propaganda cum distribution or pharma franchise. They are similar in their requirements but differ in their sizes. The franchise business in the pharmaceuticals is a profitable idea. Here are the benefits of being a pharma franchise owner:

  1. Pharma franchise offers genuine investment plans and flexibility as per your requirements.
  2. Medicines and medicinal products have great demand all the years round. The demand is never ending for quality drugs in India. One can expect a good return for genuine plans.
  3. The pharma companies offer a range of offerings and benefits of franchise line. These consist of promotional tools, incentives, and gifts. The offerings differ from company to company and last all year round.
  4. The sales target is nil of PCD franchise owners. The pharma franchise owners will need to fulfill some sales targets which are genuine to the market conditions.
  5. It is an endless opportunity! You get to own various specialty ranges which have good demean like diabetic, dental, orthopedic, gynecology etc.
  6. Monopoly rights or exclusive rights make it a good choice for all the fresh entrepreneurs and startups. The business provides good expansion opportunities.

What Are The Requirements for Taking a Pharma Franchise

Requirements For Taking A Pharma Franchise

The franchise is one of the best business startups plans in India. It is marketing business of medicines and products. One can find a good future in this line by investing small investment requirements and inputs. Want to know what are the requirements for taking a pharma franchise? Here take a look at the following conditions.

Vacancy in Your Desired Location: To take up any pharma franchise in any of your desired location, you will need to look for vacancies. If there is not, then search for other good companies offering the franchise or you will need to change the location where there are available vacancies. It is best to choose monopoly vacancy rights for better business.

Qualification: You do not need any kind of necessary qualification for PCD franchise. Many companies ask for a qualification that is minimum Secondary School Certificate (SSC) Examination or Graduation passed. Pharma franchise may differ from company to company rules and regulations.  

Experience: A minimum of 3 to 4 dedicated years are required for pharma franchise. The company may look for different sales experienced in the different field of pharma like as a manager, sales head etc.

Investment: The investment is usually genuine. It mostly starts with Rs 50, 000 and may extend in lacs. It is advised for you to keep 3 to 4 lacs aside for investment. Choosing a genuine quality brand with good consumer base helps you cope up with bigger investments.

Documents and Licenses: They are mandatory for every franchise owner to owner. Here are the following license and documents required for taking up pharma franchise of any company:

  • Drug marketing license
  • GST network registration.
  • Partnership deed (If)
  • Copy of documents stating the ownership of the premises.


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