Pregabalin SR 150mg Tablets- This medication falls in the category of anticonvulsants medicine and this medicine is used to treat seizures and mind related problems and this medicine also very effective in provides relief from the nerve pain. Nerve problems generally occurs when theirs is spinal cord injury, brain injury and sometimes these problems can occur because of certain medical problems and nerve pain can occurs due to diabetes and shingles. This medication is used to treat neuropathic pain. This medication has slow-release property which provides long lasting release relief from nerve pain.

This medication solve brain related problems by stop certain chemical messengers but this can show some adverse effects because this medication is formulated by using chemical which is why you must take proper prescription form the doctors. This medication is in the form of tablet which is why the right way for administrating this drug in the body is oral. This medication is very effective in treating nerve pain if someone is suffering from such problems, they can trust on Pregabalin SR 150mg Tablets.

Mechanisms of Pregabalin SR 150mg Tablets

Tablet is the most popular form of medicine and such medicine is given to mid to adult ages people and the right way of administration this medication is oral when you administrate this drug in body and complex API of the medicine is broken down with the help of biocatalyst enzymes in the body and transform the complex API form into simpler one So that it can easily absorbed in the stomach’s surface and intestine surface. After its absorption the absorbed medicine gets distributed throughout the body and starts performing its mode of action. The main chemical composition of this medication is Pregabalin and mechanisms performed by this chemical is mentioned below.

Pregabalin SR- There are certain chemical messengers which release from the brain during nerve problem. This medication helps in stopping these chemical messengers. This chemical composition can act as Voltage gated calcium channel (VGCC) and this property helps in decreasing glutamate and sensory neuropeptides by reducing Ca2+ influx and this medicine also have slow relief properties which helps in long relief from nerve pain.

Benefits of Pregabalin SR 150mg Tablets

This medication is used to treat nerve problems and muscles stiffness for that you have to maintain right amount of the drug concentration and this drug concentration also decide therapeutic level of the medication. These are some of the benefits that you can get from this medication which are mentioned below.

  • Provides relief from the nerve pain
  • Long relief due to SR activity
  • Provide relief from muscle stiffness
  • Normalise the over excited chemical messengers

Side effects of Pregabalin SR 150mg Tablets

When the drug concentration crosses the therapeutic level of the medication it may cause some side effects. These are some of the side effects of this medication form which your body may suffer.

  • Feeling sleepy or dizzy
  • Dryness in the mouth
  • Blurred vision and weight gain
  • Edema (swelling over the whole body)
  • Difficulty in concentrating
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