Lorazepam 2mg

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Lorazepam 2 MG Tablets are used in the treatment of short-term anxiety and anxiety disorders. It is effective in sleeping problems associated with anxiety or temporary stress. Offered in the market with the brand name LUZON-2, these tablets are available at the Best Lorazepam 2 MG Tablets Manufacturer & Supplier, Eridanus Healthcare.

Lorazepam 2 MG Tablets Uses

Lorazepam 2 MG Tablets are widely prescribed for the following uses:

  1. Anxiety Disorder
  2. Epilepsy
  3. Seizure Attacks (Fits)
  4. Tense Muscles
  5. Sleeping Difficulties caused due to Anxiety

Additionally, these tablets can also be used as a narcotic before surgery.

How Lorazepam 2 MG Tablets Work

Lorazepam belongs to a class of medicines called a benzodiazepine. It functions by enhancing the action of Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid (GABA), a chemical messenger that reduces the aberrant and extreme activity of the nerve cells of the brain, i.e., neurons.

General Precautions to be Taken

During the complete course of treatment with Lorazepam 2 MG Tablets, the user must take certain important precautions that are crucial to avoid any unwanted negative effects on the body. Here are the general precautions that must be taken with these tablets to get effective results:

  1. Avoid consuming this medicine if you are allergic to Lorazepam or any other an
  2. It is strictly recommended to avoid the consumption of any alcoholic beverages while on the treatment with Lorazepam 2 MG Tablets as it may induce sleepiness or dizziness.
  3. Do not stop taking these tablets without consulting the doctor as doing so might cause nausea, anxiety, sweating, confusion, or flu-like symptoms.
  4. Driving or doing anything that requires complete focus should be avoided during the course of treatment with Lorazepam 2 MG Tablets as it could lead to extreme dizziness.

Who Cannot Take Lorazepam 2 MG Tablets

People with the following health conditions or disorders should avoid using Lorazepam 2 MG Tablets:

  1. Kidney or Liver Problems
  2. Myasthenia Gravis; weakness in the skeletal muscles
  3. Arteriosclerosis; hardening or narrowing of arteries
  4. Sleep Apnoea; serious sleep disorder
  5. Personality Disorder
  6. Breathing or Chest Problems
  7. Depression or Thoughts of Committing Suicide
  8. Alcohol or Drug Addiction

It is necessary to consult your doctor if the medicine is safe for you in the above-mentioned conditions.

Common Side Effects

Lorazepam 2 MG Tablets are considered highly effective for anxiety by healthcare professionals due to their strong medicinal properties. However, this medicine may give rise to mild to moderate side effects in some users. These side effects are quite rare and do not appear in everyone taking these tablets. Here are the side effects associated with this medication:

  1. Weakness
  2. Sedation
  3. Balance Disorder (Loss of Balance)
  4. Dizziness

If you see these side effects taking longer to get resolved or else if you notice any uncertain, rare side effects, stop taking this medicine and consult your doctor right away.


  1. What are the uses of Lorazepam 2 MG Tablets?

Lorazepam 2 MG Tablets are highly effective in treating anxiety disorders and their associated symptoms.

  1. Is Lorazepam a habit-forming medicine?

Lorazepam 2 MG Tablets have an extremely high potential for habit formation or addition as it could make a person physically and psychologically dependent. Thus, it is advised to take this medicine only if directed by the doctor, exactly as per the dose and duration prescribed.

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