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ETIZOLAM TABLETS 1 MG is an anxiety- medicine used for the treatment of panic disorders, anxiety, and insomnia(sleeplessness).  Anxiety is persistently worrying about everyday situations.  Symptoms of anxiety may worsen with time and cause anxiety attacks. Insomnia is the deprivation of sleep due to stress. This medicine effectively treats both these conditions. Panic disorder is the unnecessary fear in the mind even when no actual reason is present.

Etizolam Tablets work by relaxing the muscles and inducing sleep. It works on GABA (natural nerve relaxant) and increases its activity. Hence, this tablet helps to treat anxiety and induces sleep.

Direction to Use

Take etizolam as prescribed by your doctor. The doctor will define your dosage based on your medical condition. Using this medicine excessively may cause serious side effects. Do not increase the dosage yourself. Take etizolam tablets 1 mg with or without food. Also, as this tablet is habit-forming consult your doctor to know the right dose and duration of the medicine. Take it at a fixed time every day to maintain a consistent routine. If your insomnia persists for longer than 2 weeks, consult your doctor.

Preventive Measures Regarding Etizolam 1 mg Tablets

Some precautious measures are to be followed if using this medication to avoid any ill effects of it. Below given is a list of warnings and precautions related to Etizolam 1 mg tablets.

  1. Inform your doctor if you have ever developed an allergy to any benzodiazepines or other sleep-inducing medicines. This medicine may contain inactive ingredients that are known to cause allergies in some cases. Consult your doctor for further details to prevent allergic reactions.
  2. Do not use this medication if you suffering from kidney disease, liver disease, cardiac impairment, breathing problems, hypertension, or blood vessels disorder.
  3. Any previous instances of mental disorders or any cognitive disability must be reported to the doctor.
  4. This medicine may cause withdrawal symptoms in some cases. Symptoms include restlessness, hand tremors, muscle pains, or irritability. Contact your doctor for more information.
  5. Avoid drinking alcohol while you are on these tablets. This may cause excessive drowsiness and lead to medical complications. Report to your doctor if you are using cannabis during the course of treatment.
  6. Any focus-requiring tasks or use of heavy machinery is not recommended. This drug is known to relax the brain and induce sleep. Hence, one may not remain alert and active after using Etizolam 1 mg tablets.
  7. The use of this medicine in pregnancy is considered unsafe. This can cause harm to the fetus. Also, visit your doctor if you have become pregnant while using this medicine.
  8. Breastfeeding women should avoid the usage of this drug to avoid any harm to the infant.
  9. Old aged adults must only take this medico under complete medical attention as they are more sensitive to the side effects of these medicines
  10. Do not increase the dosage of Etizolam yourself. Consult your doctor if insomnia or stress becomes worse over time if you think this medication has no effect on your stress and anxiety problems.

Side Effects of Etizolam 1 mg Tablets

There are certain undesirable effects of Etizolam Tablets in some cases. A side effect is a disruption in the normal functioning of the body due to medications prescribed for an ailment. There are majorly two categories of side effects witnessed in patients- Common self-resolving side effects and rare serious side effects.

Common side effects of this medication include:

  • Headache
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Altered sexual drive

Serious side effects of this medicine incorporate:

  • Tremors
  • Fits and Palpitations
  • Visual impairments
  • Confusion and restlessness
  •  Impaired muscle movements

Serious side effects may be fatal and are to be reported to the doctor. Common side effects are usually temporary and do not require immediate medical attention. But if they persist for longer or cause unbearable discomfort, consult your doctor.


Frequent Patient Concerns

Question: Which class of medicines do Etizolam 1 mg tablets belong to?

Answer: Etizolam falls under the category of benzodiazepines which generally consist of stress relievers and brain relaxants.

Question: Can we use this medication to cure depression?

Answer: Etizolam 1 mg tablets are not used alone to treat depression. They may be used in combination with other drugs.

Question: How long can we take this medicine?

Answer: One must not use this medicine for more than 2 weeks unless suggested by the doctor. This may increase the risk of developing side effects.

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