The brain is the main C.P.U of the body and all the functions are performed by the body as per the instruction of the brain. The brain has many neurons which help in transferring information because they can act as glue and these neurons also decide your reaction timing. These neurons are transferred with the help of certain chemicals which are known as neurons-transmitter. But sometimes these neurotransmitters either get too excited or they get pretty much slow down which creates the problem of LSG (Lennox-Gastaut syndrome). This is a very serious problem and this problem can be treated which the help of CLOBAZAM TABLETS I.P. | ERICLOB-20 tablets.

This tablet is used for tackling the problem related to epilepsy which is caused by LSG (Lennox-Gastaut syndrome). Sudden seizures can be treated with this medication. There are different-different types of seizures that involve sudden collapse of the body and sudden shutdown of certain muscle parts. This medication helps if you have problems related to seizures.

Mechanisms of CLOBAZAM TABLETS I.P. | ERICLOB-20 tablets

The way to administrate this drug in the body is oral because this comes in the form of a tablet. This tablet first gets into the body there it breaks down in simpler form with the help of a metabolizing process. Then it gets absorbed at the surface of the stomach to tissue and with the help of the bloodstream it reaches the affected part of the body where it shows its therapeutic effect.

CLOBAZAM TABLETS I.P. | ERICLOB-20 tablet comes under the category of benzodiazepines drug and this class of drug helps in dealing with the problem of seizures. Because this tablet has a certain type of structure that makes it an agonist to gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) receptors which means it can bind with the chemical which are causing seizures. This medication is very much effective because it can make a sedative effect which helps in controlling hyperactivity caused by the seizure.

Benefits of CLOBAZAM TABLETS I.P. | ERICLOB-20 tablets

The brain is a very important part of the body but sometimes it does not develop properly or due to stress there is the release of certain hormones and these hormonal chemicals affects the communication between the body and the brain which cause seizure kind of problems and this medication is very useful in deal with such problems. These are some benefits that you can enjoy with the help of this medication.

  1. This medication is helpful in reducing LSG (Lennox-Gastaut syndrome).
  2. This medication helps in preventing sudden collapse.
  3. This medication helps in reducing hyperactivity in the body
  4. This medication helps in controlling seizer.

Side effects of CLOBAZAM TABLETS I.P. | ERICLOB-20 tablets

This is a chemical-based pharmaceutical tablet and this tablet is used to treat problem-related to the brain and this tablet can do that because it has properties that make it a good sedative but while doing this it causes some side effects these are some side effects of this tablets.

  • And Problems with coordination
  • Difficulty speaking or swallowing
  • Drooling
  • Change in appetite
  • Vomiting, constipation, and cough

Way to use CLOBAZAM TABLETS I.P. | ERICLOB-20 tablets

The medication has a certain way to use so that you can enjoy its full effectiveness. This medication must be started under the prescription of a doctor. These are some instructions that you must follow during this medication.

  1. If you are allergic to any kind of benzodiazepines do not take this medication.
  2. This drug can interact with the other drug, so if you are taking any other medication and want to start this one, first tell your doctors.
  3. If you have any medical conditions tell your doctor first.
  4. This medication can be taken with or without meals but you must follow guidelines provided by the doctors.
  5. Take these tablets on your tongue; do not chew or spit, let it dissolve with the saliva and then swallow it but take water after swallowing.
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