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Clozapine manufactured by Eridanus Healthcare is available in the maker by the name of   Ericoloza 50. The aid belongs to the category of antipsychotic drugs that are primarily used in the treatment of mental health disorders termed Schizophrenia. Under this condition, a person starts to hallucinate and imagine situations that are not happening in real life. This further gives sensory issues which affect the entire health of the patient. 

Clozapine is an antipsychotic medicine, used for controlling or treating the mental condition of an individual. It works on all those essential aspects and elements that force a person to commit suicide or harm themselves. It helps by restoring the balance of natural substances such as neurotransmitters in the brain. The drug is especially used for treating certain mood/mental disorders. It will reduce the hallucinations that help you be positive about vision and life as well.

The usage of the tablet has been limited and must be on the prescription of the doctor only as the overdose may become the cause of unwanted health issues. The drug Clozapine also produces some side effects that may not be feasible such as the occurrence of suicidal thoughts, insomnia, weight gain issues with the digestive system, and many more. Hence if you are pregnant or breastfeeding, it is not recommended to use, and also the consumption of the drug is not for children. 

Compositional Mechanism of Clozapine Tablets 

The salt used in the formation of the tablets is Clozapine which is also one of the only atypical antipsychotic drugs. It works by decreasing the effect of certain chemical receptors namely serotonin and dopamine which are mainly responsible for creating the imbalance in the brain functioning. This leads to brain functioning disorders but with the appropriate use of the aid, this can be cured, and also this helps in the regulation of the mood.

Medicinal Benefits of Clozapine Tablets 

If the aid is used appropriately, it provides the best benefits to the person.

  • Improves the mood swings of the patient.
  • Helps in decreasing negative thoughts.
  • Increases the person’s desire to live.
  • Helps the patient to be happy.,
  • Improves the health condition. 
  • Decreases the release of a chemical hormone called serotonin.
  • Lowers the levels of dopamine receptors that are mainly responsible for the brain functioning disability.
  • Primarily helps in the treatment of Schizophrenia.

Dose requirement for Clozapine Tablets

The dose required for the tablets has to be suggested by the doctor only as not doing so will result in adverse effects. It is mandatory to consume the dose in a suggested quantity so you can get all the desired results to cure mental health, and also taking the dose at a fixed time will provide better results as this will maintain the hormonal balance. 

Precautions for Clozapine Tablets

One is suggested to follow the advised precautions while undergoing the course of antipsychotic tablets. 

  • Take the dose at a fixed time only.
  • Do not overdose on tablets.
  • Consume a healthy diet.
  • Stay away from alcohol.
  • Do not eat a lot of sweets.
  • Talk to the therapist.
  • If any different activity is noticed in the behavior of the person, immediately inform the patient.
  • Try to adjust to your sleep patterns.
  • Stay away from the negative environment.
  • Take the appropriate amount of rest.
  • Do not leave the place without anyone. 

Side Effects of Clozapine Tablets

There are several side effects of the tablets too which might occur with regular use.

  • Constant drowsiness.
  • Extreme symptoms of nausea.
  • Digestive issues.
  • Weight gain.
  • Mood swings.
  • Insomnia.
  • Increases levels of anxiety.
  • Stress levels will be high.
  • Suicidal thoughts may develop.
  • May affect the change in taste.
  • Can increase the cravings for sweets.


Keep the Clozapine Tablets stored in a cool and dry place only.

Note – Clozapine Tablets have to be taken for external purposes only.

Caution– If the drug would not take on time then it might cause serious mental and breathing issues. So it would be recommended to consult your doctor before taking the dose of this drug.

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