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Betahistine Dihydrochloride Tablets are categorized as antihistamine anti-vertigo medication.  It reduces the symptoms of Meniere’s disease that indicate dizziness, nausea, or feelings of sickness, and a ringing sensation in the ears called tinnitus. Meniere’s disease is a poor ear condition that states the presence of excessive fluid in the ear. Tablets respond well to the cause of vertigo, a sensation of dizziness and spinning. This makes a person feel they are constantly moving and their head is spinning, but it is not the case. In tinnitus, a person is troubled by the rigging sensation in the ear and feels a constant presence of sound. 

Betahistine Dihydrochloride Tablet consists of Betahistine Dihydrochloride. The salt is available for the PCD Franchise Business. 

The salt enhances the blood flow and reduces the presence of fluid in the ear. These tablets prevent the attack of dizziness and tinnitus in person. 

Using Betahistine Dihydrochloride Tablets requires precautions. You need to follow a schedule and precautions while consuming this medical drug. Inform the doctor about your medical conditions such as stomach ulcers, skin rash, diabetes, low blood pressure, asthma, etc. Only patients above the age of 18 years should consume this tablet. If you are breastfeeding a child, take it only when necessary, the pregnant woman should not consume these tablets. If your face is allergic to the tablets, such as skin rash, irritation, etc, inform the doctor. 

Experiencing side effects with Betahistine Dihydrochloride Tablet is common. You can experience loose stools, vomiting, headache, drowsiness, stomach ache, bloating,  indigestion acid reflux, etc.

These tablets are only for external use, keep them in a cool and dry place. Take it after the prescription. 

Uses of Betahistine Dihydrochloride Tablets

The salt Betahistine Dihydrochloride reduces the causes of Vertigo, ringing in the ears termed tinnitus, nausea, loss of hearing, and Meniere’s disease.

How it works?

  • It increases the blood flow in the nerve and decreases the blockage.
  • The salt reduces the chances of spinning and dizzy head.
  • It prevents the frequent attacks of tinnitus and vertigo.
  • The tablets decrease the amount of excessive fluid in the ear.

Precautions with Betahistine Dihydrochloride Tablets

Required precautions with the use of these tablets are stated below.  It is important and necessary to follow the suggestions to obtain better results and treat issues such as Meniere’s disease, dizziness, ringing in the ears, loss of hearing, and feeling sick.

  • Take the dose only with a glass of water, and consuming juice or milk with it can lead to certain issues. 
  • If you are diabetic or feel heartburn kindly inform the doctor before the use of this. 
  • If you have a skin rash are you allergic to the salt present in these tablets that is balanced in dihydrochloride then inform the doctor before its use. 
  • Pregnant women are suggested not to consume these tablets as they may cause harm to the fetus.
  • If you are a breastfeeding mother do not take the tablet. 
  • Any patient who is undergoing treatment for other medical issues must inform the doctor before consuming the dose of these tablets regularly. 

Dose Consumption of Betahistine Dihydrochloride Tablet

  • The doctor should suggest the requirement of the dose. Generally. Take one dose a day, do not chew or crush it. 

 Side Effects of Betahistine Dihydrochloride Tablets

Side effects are common with the use of pharmaceutical drugs as these tablets are of medical use and can cause certain chemical reactions This can lead to various health problems. 

 You can commonly face,

  • Nausea 
  • Digestive issues
  • Loss of appetite
  • Bloating
  • Abdominal pain
  • Headache

Note- The Betahistine Dihydrochloride Tablets are only for external use,

Storage- Keep Betahistine Dihydrochloride Tablets in a cool and dry place.

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