Pharma Franchise for General Medicine – Looking for new pharma business opportunity? There are actually different categories in pharma sector where one can work. But this time Eridanus Healthcare brings the opportunity of Pharma Franchise for General Medicines. This segment offers great profit and helps to flourish the pharma franchise business even more smoothly. This pharma franchise for general medicine range is highly in demand by the people and Eridanus Healthcare trying all possible ways to fulfill this demand.

General medicine range is usually used to treat the common or general ailments or problems. Therefore they are so often used by the patients or the common public. Pharma franchise for General Medicine range offered by Eridanus Healthcare is comprised of tablets, capsules, ointments, and injections etc. Eridanus Healthcare very well knows the need of this medicine range is going to increase with a good rate and hence offering a great pharma franchise business to the pharma professionals.

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Pharma franchise for General Medicine

Scope of Pharma Franchise for General Medicines Range

The demand of general medicine range is so high because the people nowadays are more aware and cautious towards their health. Therefore they look for better and quality medicines or drugs to keep themselves healthy and so they can live a healthy life-style.

So it becomes our prime duty to help this segment to get access to the best possible health remedies and that too at affordable prices. Anticipating this great demand it can be very well said within the coming three to five years this will cover a major segment in the pharma market.

The annual revenue generated by the general medicine range is approx $1.5bn, and it is increasing at a rate of 7% every year. If you are good at calculation then you can really imagine Eridanus Healthcare is offering a very great opportunity to you. We believe this pharma franchise for general medicine range will surely add huge profits to your business.

Eridanus Healthcare ‘Suitable Company for Pharma Franchise’

Eridanus Healthcare offers a very good platform for new pharma professionals. We not only help our clients with our services but we also prove that we are capable of being called as a leading pharma company. We have all the certification and recognition from the required departments and organizations.

Our big manufacturing firms are WHO-GMP certified. Which proves all the practices or process which are carried in by us for productions of the medicines are completely legal and authentic.

Our Eridanus Healthcare pharma company is very reputed and ISO approved. Our medical experts are highly talented and qualified, under whose supervision manufacturing of the drugs takes place. The products and ingredients we use for manufacturing are certified by FSSAI.

We keep a strict check, for all the practices we process must be legally authorized and pure. Even for packaging we use material which is ideal and will not interfere with the property of the medicines. And the quality of the product will be intact.

General Medicines Drug Range offered by Eridanus Healthcare

Eridanus Healthcare covers almost all type of general drug range. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • Cardiovascular Medicines
  • Dental Medicines
  • Derma Medicines
  • Diabetic Medicines
  • Gynecology Medicines
  • Ortho Medicines
  • Pediatric Medicines
  • Urological Medicines

Eridanus Healthcare believes in providing quality products through their suppliers and pharma franchisers. Compromising with the quality of drug is the same as compromising with the lives of others. And that is something we do not entertain.

We understand being in this sector one can not take this profession as a fun or casually. Strict laws and certifications are only earned when your work worth it.

Why to choose Eridanus Healthcare for Your Pharma Franchise Business?

Eridanus Healthcare delivers best to their customers. We very well able to have more than 700+ satisfied and successful franchise owners. Some reasons are mentioned below through which this success came so easily to our way:

  • Because our certified and approved huge labs
  • Our excellent product quality. People ask or good we deliver them best.
  • Our 24×7 hard working associates and marketing experts.
  • We provide our franchise owners with monopoly rights, which helps them in eliminating the competition in their locality.
  • We give our advertising and marketing staff complete kit for promotions and advertising.
  • We provide training to our sales associates so that they can stand out from the crowd and outshine with their extra capabilities and knowledge.
  • It is very important for our to keep our staff and franchise owners updated with all the current happenings of the pharma industry.
  • Schedule delivery is also one of our perk points, which helps us deliver the drugs to the respective person on time so that he/she can lead a smooth business and earn great profit and recognition in the market.

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