Neuro Pharma Company in Thane– Neuro problems are increasing in a daily routine. In India, around every 5th human is suffering from Neuro problems. Eridanus Healthcare is one of the best Neuro Companies, manufacturing Neuro products in various forms such as Tablets, Capsules, Injection liquids, and powders, etc. Our products are Patient-friendly and have no side effects on the human brain and body. Our Company uses the latest machinery and advanced tools for the manufacturing of the products, our reactors, and other instruments are checked on a weekly basis by the engineering department for safety precautions. Such approaches make us the best Neuro Pharma Company in Thane as well as in India.

Eridanus Healthcare manufactures 1000+ neuro products in the different divisions of the nation. Due to huge investment in the Neuro Pharma sector, we make products with quality manners, our products tests on each step of the manufacturing process by the quality unit of the company. We never compromise in quality as our main aim is to satisfy our customer’s needs. Eridanus Healthcare manufacture products with the help of standard quality drugs. It leads to us a profitable business in the Neuropsychiatric Franchise sector in Thane and India.

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Neuro company in Thane

Top Neuropsychiatric Business Opportunities in Thane

Thane is the hub of Neuro Franchises as every big businessman invested here in the Neuropsychiatric field. It is the most profitable sector to invest in as most of Thane’s public bought Neuro medicines in order to maintain their brain issues control. Due to hectic scheduled jobs, people have many Neuro issues, and to cure such issues, they spend 1/3rd part of their income on Neuro products. Eridanus Healthcare provides various types of opportunities to experts and newcomers.

The main focus of Eridanus Healthcare’s this approach is to extend the business on the PAN India level. It is also a great opportunity for the people to invest in such a sector through Eridanus Healthcare and be a part of India’s Leading Neuro Pharma Franchise and make huge profits in terms of money and reputation. The company provides several supports to the professionals in order to start their business in Thane or India. We provide promotional tools as well such as Note pads, pens, etc. to support the Franchise.

Products Range of Eridanus Healthcare

The company deals with more than 1000 products with 250+ associations across the nation. We manufacture products of high-quality and affordable for the customers so that everyone can buy them. Our products range is as mentioned below:

  1. Anti Depressants,
  2. Mood Stabilizers,
  3. Anti-Addiction,
  4. Antispasmodic,
  5. CNS Products,
  6. Anti Psychotics,
  7. Anxiolytics,
  8. Anti Migraine, etc.

The above-mentioned products are made up in the presence of an experts team in order to maintain the quality of products. During the manufacturing process, the pressure and temperature should be maintained at a certain point otherwise it will harm the products, so the company uses various alarm systems in the organization to maintain it.

Some Highlights of the Features in Eridanus Healthcare

Eridanus Healthcare is a famous Neuro brand in Thane and India. Well known for its Neuro medicines. The features of the Franchise are mentioned below:

Policies- The company Policies are the key feature of the company, written under the instructions of the FDA, Based on the norms presents given by the WHO.

Quality Control- The quality control department is the highlight of the company’s features as it has all the responsibility to maintain the quality of products.

The Quality Control tests the quality of products on a routine time basis during manufacturing. Samples are tested in labs and cleared samples are sent for the further process, rejected one is moved in reverse process scenario.

Packing- Packing of the Neuro medicines is done with air-tight, attractive, and undamaged packets in order to safe delivery of medicines to distributors.

Safety Department- It always cares for each process performed in the plant as safety is always our priority term. We promote safety by providing safety instruments such as helmets, protected clothes, Masks, etc. to our staff and other working members.

Promotions process and Services

The company promotes its products in various ways. It uses social media handles such as Twitter, Facebook, etc. The company also promotes products through official websites, advertisements, medical journals, newspaper headings, hoardings, etc. in order to increase its reach among people.

The company also provides online order services to customers with home delivery options. Most people needed medicines in urgency but due to lack of time they are not able to buy them from stores so the company provides online order applications for the home delivery of medicines.

The company uses its own transport system as we have a huge network of transportation across the nation. Such approaches and facilities make us a trusted and popular Neuro Franchise company in Thane and across the nation.

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