Neuro PCD Franchise in Aurangabad: Looking for a Neuropsychiatric medicine supplier in Aurangabad? Eridanus Healthcare, one of the leading psychiatry products manufacturers is here to offer you PCD Pharma Franchise. We’re a GMP and WHO-certified company making the most reliable and trusted psychiatry and neurology medicines. These include anti-depressants, anti-psychotics, anxiolytics, anti-epileptic & mood stabilizers, anti-addiction, CNS products, and many more.

Every 1 out of 3 Indians is found to have been suffering from one or the other neurological disorder. Thus neurological medicines have an ever-rising demand that too in a city like Aurangabad, being the fifth-most populous city in Maharashtra. We aim at serving each citizen of the nation and that nobody goes untreated, with this vision we offer you an exclusive opportunity to join hands with us and become our Registered Neuro PCD Franchise Partner in Aurangabad.

To know more about our product range and Neuropsychiatry PCD Pharma Franchise, you can directly contact us at 9357809981 or email us at Please feel free to contact us for any query and we’re ready to provide you the required assistance.

Neuro pcd franchise in aurangabad

Key Opportunities for Neuro Pharma PCD Franchise in Aurangabad

Aurangabad is the 5th most populous urban area in Maharashtra with its population of around 16 lakh people in an area of merely 139 square km. With such a busy and hectic lifestyle of people, they often tend to suffer from neurological disorders which need to be addressed at an early level before it turns out to be a major issue. thus with such a large population base and work life, Aurangabad has wide scope for the neuropsychiatry medicine business.

PCD Pharma Franchise business is a well-tested business strategy that has helped earn handsome profits to our Franchise Partners for so many years.

Also, we at Eridanus offer a wide range of benefits and incentives to our PCD Pharma Franchise Partner. These include:

  • Monopoly Rights: Our Franchise Partner holds exclusive marketing and distribution rights in Aurangabad. this eliminates any competition that might arise from the same brand and might interfere with your business. This way our franchise partner in Aurangabad is at liberty to supply neuro medicines to any doctor, medical practitioner, chemist, etc. in his area.
  • Promotional Aid: Eridanus provides all sorts of promotional help to our distributors to help him promote his business among his customers by providing him visual aids, posters, banners, visiting cards, etc.
  • Quick Supplies: We provide full inventory support and are known for quick deliveries. this way you’ll never fall short of the stock of medicines.
  • Freedom to sale: Being a Franchise Partner, you enjoy complete freedom as to the sale of products to final customers, freedom to determine the suitable prices, enjoy the profits earned with no sale targets from our side.
  • Product Range: We offer more than 200 well-certified products of excellent quality under Pharma Franchise to our distributors.
  • Quality Packaging: with world-class technologies and an advanced dispatch system, we make sure that the medicines are packed and dispatched in the best manner.

Exclusive Range of Neuropsychiatry Medicines Offered by Eridanus Healthcare 

Eridanus Healthcare specializes in Neuropsychiatry Medicines and thus offers a wide variety of DGCI approved neuro medicines. We are supported by our latest technologies and our well-qualified research faculty, who have helped us become market leaders. Our wide range of products and medicines is highly in demand and provides trusted results to patients. We offer medicines ranging from tablets, injections, capsules, sachets, syrups, etc.

Our medicines include the following:

  • Anti-depressants
  • Anti-Migraine
  • Anti-Psychotics
  • Mood Stabilizers
  • Anti-addiction
  • Anti-Epileptic
  • CNS Products
  • Anxiolytics, etc.

Scope for PCD Pharma Franchise Partner in Aurangabad

PCD Pharma Franchise Partner has a wide scope to expand and diversify his business. Setting up a PCD Pharma Franchise in Aurangabad helps one cater to a large amount of public residing in one of the most populous city thus leading to greater revenues from one particular location. Distributor dealing in neuropsychiatry medicine from one of the most trusted neuropsychiatric specialists i.e. Eridanus Healthcare has sure reasons to be a market leader along with the exclusive monopoly rights provided by us. We provide exclusive marketing and distribution rights to you and nobody else belonging to the same geographical booundaries.

We provide all possible support to flourish as our Franchise Partner in Aurangabad. We readily provide you with visuals to help establish a market image and create awareness regarding Neuropsychiatric drugs offered by us.

Headache is the most basic neuropsychological disorder and thereby we can understand the magnitude of neurological disorders from small issues in routine life. We feel this as our duty to provide timely medication to all those who are suffering from any sort of psychiatric or neurological problems. This can be achieved with your support only by spreading our medicines deep into the markets so that they reach the maximum posiible pubic at a decent price.

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