Neuro PCD Franchise Company in Rishikesh Nowadays, the demands of Neurology medicines are raised as people are suffering from mental illness and have a lot of stress. So companies are investing money in Neuro medicines as it is a great business idea. Eridanus Healthcare is also one of the largest growing and trustable brands in this field. It provides high-quality Nuro healthcare medicines to its client and customers. It is specialized in the manufacturing, supplying, exporting, and marketing of Neuropsychiatric medications. the company provides drugs that are patient-friendly and help during illness periods. This is the main reason why Eridanus Healthcare is the prominent brand in Neuro PCD Franchise in Rishikesh.

Eridanus Healthcare provides new opportunities for newcomers and helps them out to make their career in this field. it provides the best support system and services to them. Eridanus Healthcare is a trustable brand for its consumers in Neuropsychetric companies. Products of the Company are certified by ISO. company also awarded by WHO & GMP in the year 2018 for the quality performance of its products among people. Eridanus Healthcare deals with 200+ medicines around the nation such as antipsychotics, CNS medicine, ant anxiety, sedatives, NSAIDs antiemetic, etc. Become part of Neuro PCD Franchise Company in Rishikesh and run your own successful business.

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Neuro PCD Franchise Company in Rishikesh

Exclusive Product Range for Neuro Franchise in Rishikesh

Eridanus Healthcare manufactured its products under the specialist. Specialists such as Doctors and Scientists performing on the medicines as per the instructions of the company’s policy. apart from that the quality department also checks the Neuro Medicines during manufacturing. The quality Department collects the samples of medicines on routine time and after the clearance by the quality department, products are sent for exportation. we have a wide range of products related to neuropsychiatric illness and we are also manufacturing more. our medicines are best as we never compromised in quality.

Our product is as :

  1. Anti-allergy
  2. Antibiotics
  3. Anti-alcoholism
  4. CNS stimulants
  5. GIT acting drugs
  6. Hypnotics
  7. Syrup section
  8. Vertigo Medicine

Is Rishikesh is a good place to invest in Neuro PCD Franchise?

Rishikesh is the city of the north Indian state Uttrakhand. it is the best tourism place for people, located in the foothills of the Himalayas. The population of Rishikesh is around 3 lakh, making it the 7th most populated city of Uttrakhand. so for the business idea of Neuro PCD Franchise in Rishikesh is the best and profitable as the demand for medicines increasing day-by-day. People who want to invest in Neuro medicines have a great opportunity as Eridanus Healthcare provides the best way to people who have good experience and knowledge in this field. The company also providing a wide range of vacancies for all types of professionals. People who want to make their career in such a field have a great opportunity.

Promotional Support for Neuro PCD Franchise Associates 

We also have a great structure to promote our products. company has its official website and social media handles such as Facebook groups, Instagram Pages plus we also advertise our products on different journals like a medical journal, drug updates, etc. so people can order products online from our social media sites and get a safe and secure home delivery option as well instead of buying it from other medicine shops. this is also the reason to increase sales in cities.

Apart from that, we distribute our medicines free of cost in medicare camps for countryside people who are not able to get a proper kind of treatment for their mental illness. we also create videos through advertisements and post them on youtube and WhatsApp groups, so that people able to know about us more.

Advantages of Choosing us for Neuro Company in Rishikesh

Eridanus Healthcare provide a premium range of product during manufacturing, the company has professional who leads the work from their end. After the manufacturing process, company experts check all the samples of the final product in the quality department with the help of high-tech machinery and advance techniques. Later while packing products were checked one more time by the professionals. after clearance from the experts, packing stuff was checked and products were packed in high-quality packets such as leakage-proof packets. Finally, products exports from the company to distributors.

The company also provides business deals to professionals and provides jobs for newcomers in order to increase business at the PAN India level. it is a great opportunity for the newcomers, the ones who are interested to start their own business in such field. The company also provides promotional support to promote products such as medical journals, social media handles, the company’s official websites, etc.

The Company also cares for its employees and provides them good financial support such as handsome salaries, gifts during the festivals season, holiday packages, medical care, hospitality for a better lifestyle, etc.

Contact us:

Name- Eridanus Healthcare

Adress- Bathinda, Punjab

Contact No.- +91-9357809981

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