Neuro PCD Franchise Company in Kanpur – In recent times, the demand for Neurology Medicines has increased tremendously. There are a number of reasons behind it but most important are lifestyle and poor mental health. The increasing need for Neuro Medicine has created a good scope for the Neuro PCD Franchise business in Kanpur. One can not just provide quality neuro medicine to Kanpur city but can earn a good amount of money from starting this kind of business. Eridanus Healthcare is a trusted brand. We are certified by ISO and providing neuro PCD franchise in Kanpur.

Eridanus healthcare welcomes people who want to open their business in Kanpur and nearby. We will provide quality products and services to our clients and customers. The monopoly-based business will be served to our clients. Apart from this many other facilities and offers will be provided to newcomers who willing to work with us. For Neuro PCD Franchise in Kanpur, Eridanus Healthcare is dealing in antipsychotics, ant anxiety, CNS medicine, sedatives, NSAIDs antiemetic, etc. these products are manufactured in the plants which are certified by GMP and WHO. We totally believe in follow standards and procedures with the international guidelines.

To get the best franchise deal or to know more about us, you can simply contact Eridanus Healthcare by dialing 9357809981 or write us an email at


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Eridanus Healthcare –  Trusted Neuro Company in Kanpur

In a Pharmaceuticals Company, it is extremely important to carry professionalism and dedication towards work behavior and we are great at it. Our team has the best of professional and experienced experts. We have a variety of products related to neuropsychiatric illness plus we still making more of them for Kanpur as well as for India. Our medicines are highly efficient and it’s made under expert guidelines with utmost care. We ensure stringent quality for each and every product. Quality is something with which we cannot compromise.

Our product consists of:-

  • Anti-allergy
  • Anti epileptics
  • Anti-migraine
  • Antibiotics
  • Anti-alcoholism
  • CNS stimulants
  • GIT acting drugs
  • Hypnotics
  • Syrup section
  • Vertigo Medicine

Scope for Neuro PCD Franchise Business in Kanpur Region

Kanpur is one the best city in the largest state of India Uttar Pradesh and the population of this city is a positive point for this. The city has also a good economy rate. It will be more profitable in Kanpur as its population is increasing day by day. And with the population, there will be demand in neuro medical departments and healthcare. In the coming years, the demand will be quite high as compared to now. Demand will also be increasing as middle-class people’s salaries will increase. These all factors show that demand will be going positively affect a lot in Kanpur. Our company is providing opportunities to the people who are professional and having experience in this sector.

We will also be going to provide monopoly rights to our associates and it is not only the benefits company is offering. The company proposes other benefits, promotional tools, and maximum help to their clients. Last but not the least, the company promising to provide the best and high-quality products and services to clients.

Why Associate with Eridanus Healthcare for Neuro PCD Franchise Business?

We are dedicated towards our product as our products are the main part of our company, it represents us. We make sure that only professional people to hire by our company as they will go to make the product of our company. As we cannot compromise with our products as it required a lot of work and innovation also. Tablets, syrups, and injectables are the main products of our company. The main objective of our company is to provide a high quality of medicine that should be fulfilled customers satisfaction. We are holding a good position in the market because of these reasons;-

  • Eridanus healthcare provides a maximum number of medicines that include high-quality materials and still innovating new types of medicines which will provide satisfaction to the customers.
  • We focused mainly on quality and for that, we keep pushing ourselves. We have to follow the international level guidelines to be at this level, for that we have gone through. Some certifications also and use of best technology which is available in the market.
  • Our company provides promotional tools also for the betterment of the business it consists of updates, manuals gift items visual aids, etc.
  • Our unique services, quality products, and monopoly make us perfect for the neuro franchise business in Kanpur.
  • We have a team of experts and they help our employees to make a world-class product as quality is the main key for our business. From them only we got the best results while making and during innovation.


Name: Eridanus Healthcare

Address: 3361 Mohalla  serian wala Bathinda, Distt.-Bathinda – 151001

Phone: 9357809981


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