Neuro PCD Company in Rourkela– Due to the high stress, fast-paced lives, lack of nutritious diet, and having the hectic scheduled meetings,  people are unable to maintain mental peace. These days Neuro problems occur in people in a high range. To overcome these issues, Eridanus Healthcare comes up with its superior quality neuro care medicines in the year 2008. The company is popular among people for its high-quality and affordable range of products. It manufactures a wide range of healthcare products in various forms such as solid, semi-solid, and liquid. The company works with 250+ associative partners in different divisions of the country, make us a Top brand in the PCD Pharma Franchise business in Rourkela.

Eridanus Healthcare is an ISO-certified PCD Pharma Company. Our company manufactures its products with the help of premier quality and ISO varified raw drugs. The manufacturing process going on in the presence of the safety department team and doctors in order to maintain the safety precautions. The quality of the products is checked on a routine basis during the ongoing process of manufacturing. The company also promotes quality as the priority and we never compromise on quality. We have a huge customer base all around the nation, such approaches lead us to the best PCD Pharma Company in Rourleka.


For more information about our latest products, imported tools, and any queries regarding products, call us on our mobile 9357809981 or you can drop an e-mail at we will provide our assistance and any help required by you, feel free to ask and mention your queries.

Neuro Pharma Franchise in Rourkela

The Best Neuro-Psychiatric Business Opportunities in Rourkela

Eridanus Healthcare provides numerous business opportunities to individuals in order to pursue their career in the PCD Pharma Franchise business in Rourkela or India, and make profits. The company provides tools and other labeled stuff to the franchise partners in order to increase the business at the national level. We also give jobs to knowledgeable candidates and provide them handsome salaries as per their performance.

So in order to be a part of India’s top PCD Pharma Franchise, just do call us and come for an interview session. To start a new business franchise, shake your hands with our well-maintained and reputed organization and make profits in terms of money as well as reputation. Eridanus Healthcare always cares for its franchise partners and employees and having a mutual understanding with everyone. Such approaches lead us to the best PCD Organization in Rourkela.

Exclusive Products Range of Top PCD Company-Eridanus Healthcare

Eridanus Healthcare is famous among the public for its wide range of quality products. We maintain the quality of our products with the help of our dedicated doctors and chemists as well as the quality management team. The company manufactures various products in different forms such as Tablets, Capsules, Drops, Syrups, Injectable Liquids, etc. The drugs portfolio of the company is mentioned below:

  1. Mood Stabilizers,
  2. Anti Depressants,
  3. Anti Migraine,
  4. Anti Psychotics,
  5. Anxiolytics,
  6. Anti-Addiction,
  7. CNS Products, etc.

Our products are 100% resulted and having no side effects on human bodies. Along with that, products are not much expensive so anybody can buy them.

 Neuro-Psychiatric disorders range cured by our medicines- 

  • Depression
  • Vascular dementia
  • Mood disorder
  • Analgesics
  • Apathy
  • Schizophrenia
  • Degeneration disease
  • Psychosis
  • Neurotic disease
  • Anti-Psychotics & Hypnotics
  • Anti-Addiction
  • Antispasmodic

The Features and Services of The PCD Company

The company is a huge brand among people in Rourkela, well known for its lifesaving and affordable range of Neuro-Psychiatric medicines. The company also have many other features as mentioned below:

  1. Regular inclusion of formulations in the product portfolio.
  2. GMP-WHO certified labs for efficient manufacturing of products on daily basis.
  3. Quality inspections units for improved quality control.
  4. Super quality packaging for products for an extra layer of safety with air-tight, and attractive packets.
  5. Sound logistics transport network for instant delivery of products.
  6. Immense Neuro Product Range delivered with the richness of quality extracts.

We also provide 100% stock availability, huge warehouse facilities, clean environment departments to our franchise partners. So to join us, just make a call and be a part of us.

Promotional Tools, Marketing Support, and Policies of Eridanus Healthcare

The company provides various kinds of promotional tools to the associative partners and other marketing support as well in order to extend the PCD Pharma Franchise business at the PAN India level, Our promotional tools are mentioned as:

  • Notepads,
  • Banners,
  • MR Bags,
  • Pens.
  • Diaries,
  • Visual Aid, etc.

We also provide marketing support like, we promote products on numerous platforms to promote such as social media sites, official websites, Drug journals, medical journals, etc. in order to reach more public. Our Policies are based on the instructions of the FDA. So we follow all the norms of our Policies in the PCD Franchise during work.

Contact Us:

Name – Eridanus Healthcare

Address – 3361 Mohalla  serian Wala Bathinda, Distt.-Bathinda – 151001

Phone number – 9357809981

Email us –

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