List of Top Medicines for Seizures Attacks in India

List of Top Medicines for Seizures Attacks in India – Around 5 million people are diagnosed with epilepsy every year (source. WHO). Seizures are one of the most common causes lying behind this condition. However, not only this but high fever, meningitis, etc., can also trigger epilepsy. In other words, Seizures Attacks have more common than an individual might think. All this leads to a spurt in demand for anti-seizure medications in India. To help individual patients combat Seizures, we have curated the Best List of Top Medicines for Seizures Attacks in India.

Treatment of Seizures often involves the use of anti-seizure medications. However, the lack of suppliers and distributors throughout India causes deprivation of epilepsy drugs among patients. Therefore, the goal of many patients is to find a medicine that works wonders. Also, the side effects should be minimal. With this in mind, we have compiled a list that contains Top Medicines for Seizures Attacks in India that are innovatively affordable and 100% effective.

What are Seizures Attacks? | Causes | Tests | Diagnosis

You are here, which means you might know what Seizures Attacks are. Still, let’s have a short overview of Seizures Attacks to understand it closely. A sudden, uncontrolled electrical disturbance occurred in the brain causes a seizure. It can bring changes in behavior, feelings or movements, and consciousness levels. In general, two or more seizures within at least 24 hours apart with an identified cause are considered epilepsy.

The signs and symptoms of seizures attack include temporary confusion, a staring spell, uncontrollable jerking movements (arms and legs), loss of consciousness or awareness, cognitive or emotional symptoms, such as anxiety, fear, or deja vu. A healthcare professional may determine the cause of a seizure by ordering tests, including –Medicines for Seizures

  • Blood tests
  • A neurological exam
  • Lumbar puncture
  • Electroencephalogram (EEG)
  • Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)
  • Computerized tomography (CT)

Most seizures last from 30 seconds to 60 seconds (a minute). However, a seizure that lasts longer than five minutes is a medical emergency. With anti-seizure medications, an individual can control most seizure disorders. But seizure management can still impact the daily life of an individual. The good news is patients can work with a healthcare provider to balance seizures and the side effects of medication.

List of Top Medicines for Seizures Attacks | Doctors’ Choice

Unfortunately, neither humans nor pets have a permanent cure for Seizures Attacks. But this doesn’t preclude living a healthy and happy life. One can control seizure attacks with a healthcare provider through the best seizure medication while receiving minimal side effects. We have rounded up a list of antiepileptic drugs, select that suits you the best.

Medicines for Seizures Attacks

ERIPROX ER 250 (Top Medicines for Seizures)

The zeroth product on the list of top medicines for seizures is ERIPROX ER 250. Composed of divalproex sodium extended-release tablets, it is an effective anticonvulsant that effectively treats seizures. In addition, it helps in bipolar disorders to correct the mood function in the brain. This medication works by increasing the number of gamma-aminobutyric acids (GABA) in the brain. In general, this medicine causes some side effects, such as drowsiness, dizziness, and blurred vision. However, those adverse reactions are mild and temporary.


  • Low-cost affordable epilepsy medication
  • Contains scientifically tested raw ingredients

Clobazam 5mg tabletERICLOB 5

Up next, we have ERICLOB 5 which is formulated using Clobazam 5mg tablet. This medicine belongs to a class of drugs known as benzodiazepines. It is effective in treating seizures, severe anxiety, and epileptic disease. In addition, the use of clobazam is highly recommended among patients with Lennox-Gastaut Syndrome. The whole medication functions by intensifying the effects of a natural chemical messenger in the nervous system known as Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid (GABA). Also, this medicine is used to treat seizures caused by Lennox-Gastaut Syndrome in adults and children above 2 years in combination with other medications. An individual can take this medicine as prescribed by the healthcare professional to attain the best possible effects.


  • Affordable & certified product
  • One of the effective medicines for seizures

ERIPIN-300Top Medicines for Seizures Attacks

Another medicine that can be hugely helpful in seizures is ERIPIN-300. It is a medication that is formulated with phenytoin sodium tablets. This medicine belongs to a drug class known as anti-epileptic drug or anticonvulsant. Phenytoin sodium tablets function by slowing down impulses responsible for seizures in the brain. However, this medicine doesn’t treat all types of seizures. Therefore, consult with the doctor to know whether it is the right medicine for you. The intake of these medications with delavirdine is prohibited. One should narrate the medical history to the doctor before commencing treatment with this medicine.


  • A proven formula for seizures
  • Reliable, affordable, and effective


Topiramate 25 mg tablet

This medicine is an effective treatment for epilepsy that belongs to a class of drugs known as anti-epileptic medicines. Topiramate 25 mg tablet is also helpful in migraine. This medicine is used in adults and children above 6 years of age. EMITAPE-25 only prevents migraine headaches or attacks, not a headache that has already begun. However, the adverse reactions of this tablet are also minimal. The caveat is that it may cause vision problems that can transform into permanent if not treated on time. The use of this medicine during pregnancy may increase the risk of cleft lip and palate in a newborn. Consult with the doctor to discuss the risks associated before using it.


  • Approved by higher authorities
  • Causes minimal side effects

ERIGAB MGabapentin and Methylcobalamin Tablets

Here come the fifth Medicines for seizure attacks. Gabapentin and Methylcobalamin Tablets is a combination medication that effectively partial seizures (epilepsy). This medicine is also effective in post-herpetic neuralgia. It contains two generic drugs: Gabapentin (Methylcobalamin) and Methylcobalamin (vitamin B12). Gabapentin treats seizures by balancing neurotransmitters and reducing their abnormal excitement in the brain. Methylcobalamin rejuvenates and protects damaged cells by producing myelin. Also, it regulates body functions, such as blood formation, protein synthesis, and cell multiplication.


  • Effectively treats partial seizures (epilepsy)
  • Easy to pocket antiepileptic drugs


Lamotrigine dispersible tablets 

Lamotrigine dispersible tablets are used alone or in combination with other medications to control and prevent seizures. In addition, it is helpful to prevent extreme mood swings of bipolar disorders in adults. This drug belongs to a drug class known as anticonvulsants or antiepileptic drugs. Pharma scientists believe that it functions by restoring the balance of chemical substances in the brain. One should use this Medicine for seizure attacks after consulting the healthcare provider. The use of this drug among children under 2 years is prohibited as it may increase the risk of side effects, such as infections.


  • No serious side effects reported
  • One of the reliable medicines for seizures

On the Final Note

The above is the rounded-up list of Top Medicines for Seizures Attacks in India. These medicines are affordable, effective, and reliable. An individual patient can use these medicines after consulting with the doctor for seizures. However, if you are an entrepreneur willing to trade Top Medicines for Seizures Attacks in India, you can contact Eridanus Healthcare. The company deserves your business.

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