Anti-Anxiety Medicine Manufacturer In India- Anti-anxiety belongs to the category of Anxiolytics which is used to treat anxiety disorders. Anxiety is a mental condition that is associated with the feeling of extreme fear or worry that affects an individual’s daily activities. Increased levels of anxiety can cause fear, sudden onset of sweating, intense feelings of nervousness, fast heartbeat, panic attacks, skin flushing, and hyperventilation.

Eridanus Healthcare aims to serve people with better healthcare by manufacturing the best quality products. Professional and skilled healthcare workers manufacture all the products and are ISO, WHO, and GMP-certified. Our company is a highly-rated firm for the manufacturing of pharma drugs in India. We have a team of highly skilled and professional workers who manufacture the finest quality of products and deliver them on time to their clients.

We have provided an efficient and safe range as being the best Anti-Anxiety Medicine Manufacturer In India at affordable prices. Also, all the products manufactured by our company are wrapped in high-quality packaging materials that meet all safety and hygiene requirements. Furthermore, all the important details including the manufacturing date along with the expiry date, and other instructions are provided. 

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If you are eager to collaborate with Eridanus Healthcare for the Anti-Anxiety Medicine Manufacturer In India contact us now at +91 7973322467, +91 9417397006, or email at

Quality Assurance & Use of Premium Packaging at Eridanus Healthcare

Anti-anxiety is a medication advised for the treatment of anxiety disorders. Being the best Anti-Anxiety Medicine Manufacturer In India, we stick to all the international manufacturing standards set for the manufacturing of pharmaceutical drugs—Pharma quality assurance shelters all the aspects of the pharmaceutical industry that impact the quality of products. The entire process is constantly monitored and updated from acquiring raw materials to manufacturing to ensure consistency and compliance. Also, it includes maintaining the quality of the finished products through appropriate storage at the manufacturing facility, monitoring environmental conditions, distributing medications correctly, and more.

Quality assurance focuses on manufacturing safe and reliable products for customers, patients, and clients. Eridanus Health follows good manufacturing practices (GMP) and enacts comprehensive inspection policies to help drug manufacturers produce the highest quality products and avoid reputation-damaging incidents.  Our company makes sure to use different types of packaging for various dosage forms. Anti-anxiety medicines are packed in blister packaging, ALU-ALU packaging, and strip packaging. We make sure to calculate our active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) using proper equipment and hygiene procedures.

Quality Measures Taken by Us:

  • Physical stability
  • pH value
  • Active drug assay
  • Lab testings
  • Weight or volume
  • Rheologic properties or pourability
  • Specific gravity
  • Physical observation
  • Color

Why Choose Eridanus Healthcare for Anti-Anxiety Medicine Manufacturer In India?

Eridanus Healthcare is the top trusted and leading anti-anxiety medicine manufacturer in India, and it has years of experience and knowledge in this industry.  All the different varieties of drugs we manufacture here are WHO, ISO, and GMP-approved. Our firm is shored up by a team of experienced workforce who make every attempt to provide consumers with high-quality drugs and meet their satisfaction levels.  We are serving in many different cities in the Indian states by offering them our third-party manufactured products. Therefore, it is a great chance to join us and get the best experience for anti-anxiety medicine manufacturers in India. Mentioned below are some of the benefits of our third-party manufacturing services:-

  • We ensure to never disconnect from our clients even after the completion of order services.
  •  We ensure the quality of our products that matter the most. Also, the leading health associations both nationally and internationally have approved the quality of our products.
  • The logistics association working with our company is well versed in their work as they deliver all the orders on time.

Contact for Best Anti-Anxiety Medicine Manufacturer In India

Established in 1994, Eridanus Healthcare strives towards great success because of its quality pharma products. Our company is ISO-sanctioned and works for the well-being of society. Eridanus Healthcare is the best Anti-Anxiety Medicine Manufacturer In India. We have achieved many milestones in the domestic market as well as at an international level. Also, our company provides a PCD Pharma Franchise for Anti-Anxiety Medicine along with monopoly rights. Given below are some of the main characteristics of our company.

  • Our manufacturing plant is equipped with high science-based technology and advanced machinery that is used to manufacture top-quality products.
  • We have a vast variety of different types of DCGI and FSSAI-approved products.
  • Our company is teamed with experienced and well-qualified staff who work efficiently with us for a long time.
  • Our company’s research and development team always brings new compositions according to the demand and needs of the market.

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Phone Number: +91 7973322467, +91 9417397006



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