Eridanus entered the India generic market in 1994, and currently holds a portfolio of approved ANDAs. We are vertically integrated, from process development of API to the submission of dossiers for finished products. This provides control over the supply chain, and ability to offer quality products at the right time—at competitive prices.

Eridanus offers generic pharmaceutical products, marketed through our global distributors. These generic drugs are initially filed under an Abbreviated New Drug Application (ANDA). Stason’s future generic development will continue to focus on those generics requiring high containment manufacturing, cytotoxic products, and difficult to manufacture drugs. We believe these qualities present an increased barrier to market entry of our competitors.

Eridanus core generic, therapeutic categories include: oncology, CNS, cardiovascular, and dermatologic indications. Expanding our generic product portfolio, Stason is geared to file 4-5 or more ANDA’s per year in the areas of oncology and CNS, and launch these products under various labels for different market segments to maximize market potential. To learn more about Stason’s pipeline of generic drugs, please contact us at Info@Eridanus .com.

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